Online Marketing

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My green-thumbed wife chided me once for not having any plants in my office. So, OK – I bought a nice little plant and set it on a shelf. Two months later, I happened to notice a pitiful, dead, brown thing drooped over a vase. Uh-oh!

Your website is like that. It has to be cared for, fed, watered… Well, not exactly, but it does need a sustained competent effort if you want your share of all that business that’s currently going to your competitors!

Because your web hosting server and web application security can seriously affect your SEO results, our web marketing plans include:

Managed Hosting –
Monthly Updates – We handle updates of all your plugins, themes & WordPress versions
SSD – Fast Solid State server drives for better performance & search ranking
SSL hosting – Free SSL encryption for better reputation, search ranking & security
Constant Marketing –
SEO – Monthly updates to web content, social media as needed + analyze competition with goal to attain & maintain page one ranking
Copywriting – Monthly updates to social media, blogs + craft your web content to motivate action today


Basic web marketing
  • 1/2 hr or more each month updating web content (including time spent on updates & security)
  • No, this isn’t enough time, but it’s likely more time than many, except your top competitors, are giving their web marketing efforts.
  • If your business isn’t too competitive and if you’re not in a big hurry for results, this should work for you.
Do it!


Your own marketing agency!
  • 4 hours each month spent building incoming links, updating web & social media content and making your cash register sing!
  • Analyze competitors, reverse engineer & improve any successful SEO / Marketing strategies they might use.
  • Research top businesses in your industry nationwide and “borrow” ideas from the most successful. We won’t relax until your website is on top and making your phones ring!
Do it!