#1 in Google – Guaranteed!

Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in Blog, SEO

Yes, there are companies who may call you and guarantee to make you #1 in Google search listings!

Can they really do this?  How does this work?  (Keep reading for the answers.)

My client called me about a month ago.  He was getting impatient.  His old website hadn’t done him much good and never broke the top 100 search listings.  (Hey – I didn’t build that one!)  I’d built his new website about three weeks earlier and told him we’d get on page 1, but it would likely take a few months and then we’d begin our fight for the top 3 positions, which could take several more months.

He’d gotten a call from a business promising him he’d be #1 in Google listings within a week – for $3,000!  He said he thought this sounded pretty good.

Ouch!  I’d only charged him $500 to build his new website and I’d spent hours researching his competitors, selecting keywords and beginning the marketing/optimization process.  We’d already climbed to the low thirties in Google, and were climbing faster every few days.

I told him there’s no “silver bullet” for search engine optimization (SEO) and that they would take his money and give him little to nothing in return.  When I hung up, I was confident I’d put that idea to rest – Not so!

About a week later, my daily rank-checker showed he had suddenly dropped totally out of the top 100.  Checking the logs I noticed a sudden jump in visits from about 100 to over 300 – all from the same referrer.  Uh-oh!

Bounce rate went from the forties to the eighties.  What happened?  Several things.

The “#1 in Google” company had some sort of browser extension that they must’ve tricked my client into installing, making it appear that his site was indeed #1 for several of his preferred keywords.  They also had malware-like stuff they’d snuck onto thousands of people’s computers that would send them, unknowingly and unwillingly, to selected websites based on some set of triggers.

Obviously, these people would immediately click away from those sites (including my client’s), causing bounce rates to skyrocket.

Now, why are bounce rates important?  Google uses them to gauge how well suited your website is for the particular keywords that bring visitors to your site.  If many visitors leave immediately, Google decides this wasn’t a good match and lowers your site’s search ranking.  You’ll never be #1 in Google with a high bounce rate!

So now my client was out three grand and his website that had been rapidly climbing toward the top ten search results in Google, was now completely off the map.   (But at least his browser had him #1 in Google!)

The fix?

  1. Get that @!&%# company to stop sending unwilling visitors.
  2. Once that’s done, work harder to build engagement and reduce bounce rate
  3. Only after those two items are working, go back to building links & visits.
  4. Maybe increase my rates!