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Stretch those dollars AND invest in your growth

It’s tough, building a new business. Lots of “needs” and resources are scarce.

But one of those needs is a constant flow of new business.  Anybody can build a website. Some will even do it for free.  But since it takes a great deal of technical knowledge to properly do web SEO & SEM it’s likely to be nothing more than an online business card unless done by an experienced professional.  You’d be lucky if you get a couple customers a year from it.

So, let your competition go for the cheap, mass-produced websites (modern version of “Penny-wise / Pound foolish) while you clobber ’em with a CompuSolver Website / SEO / Marketing combination.

Our $99 custom website plan gets you a beautiful website – you choose the design and we’ll take care of SEO (search engine optimization) for your local market area, and free updates – security updates, plugin updates, WordPress updates, etc. plus add-on marketing options.

You also get an unlimited number of email accounts and email forwarding options, free SSL and free off-site backups, consulting and free restore if ever needed. And since we are web security pros and responsible for taking care of your website security, if you’re website is ever hacked, we’ll clean it and get it back up running at no charge to you.

There is no credit check and no obligation. You can stop at any time. (Of course, the website would come down!)

There are a few restrictions compared to our standard websites:

  • You can manage the content (words and images) of your website if you like, but you cannot download the actual web design files, which remain our property. (Basically means you can move your photos and text, but not the website files to another hosting service.)
  • You must use one of our managed hosting plans, where we take care of all updates and security.
  • Does not include cPanel – we take care of all that for you.

Call me and let’s discuss plans to build your “Customer Magnet” / Website today!

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