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Rob Gravelle, a well-known Canadian web developer / blogger, is trying to persuade you to hire him rather than using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla.

Gravelle’s gross load of misinformation was packed into an article full of unfair criticism of Open CMS shamefully published on HTMLGOODIES.COM

Gravelle claims that content management systems that let any idiot build a website, come with too many negatives and the better solution is to employ him to build your website.

“Let”s call a spade a spade; Open Source CMS’s also have their downside, making them look rather ugly and somewhat unreliable…” – Rob Gravelle

Ugly?  Hey Rob, have you looked at WordPress and Joomla lately?  Checkout design shops like,, and others.

Even the 1-click install, free themes you get with WordPress are pretty nice.

But what really makes Gravelle’s ugly claims ridiculous is the fact is that CMSes like Joomla and WordPress do not limit your design choices.  Any design you want can be built on one of these CMS’s.

Rob continues “gaslighting” with more BS regarding security issues and tops it all off by rather incoherently claiming that CMSes are no good for app development.

Security  I challenge you to find a custom website more secure than a default, up to date install of Drupal, WordPress or Joomla.

It’s common sense – consultants who really spend the time to become competent with security, can make much more money working in web development security than as a web developer.

Sure, many web developers think they know web security.  But if they haven’t spend a solid chunk of multiple months in concentrated study of the subject and then continue to invest a couple hours each week in staying up to date, then they don’t know Jack!  And that lack of knowledge is especially dangerous when you don’t realize what you don’t know.

Having a huge community oversee security is what makes CMS’s more secure than your average custom website.   And hundreds of “pen-testers” (hackers) continually testing CMS security, forces them to stay sharp.  CMS’s offer lifetime, free security updates.  What custom web developer can match that?

The only reason CMS’s get in the news over hacking is because so many web owners do not properly maintain their websites and keep the core framework, themes and plugins up to date.

But custom websites are rarely, if ever, updated.  Any hacker targeting the average custom website will have an easy time after a little probing.


App Development

“If you are hoping to use a CMS to build hybrid apps from start to finish without writing any code…” – Gravelle

I’m not sure what Gravelle is trying to say here.  Is he saying that with a CMS you can’t build a “custom” app without writing code?

Doesn’t make sense.  You can’t write a custom app without writing code, period.

You have to wonder just what kind of website he thinks can “…build hybrid apps from start to finish without writing any code…”?

Or is he trying to say that you can’t build a web application with a CMS without writing code?   Wow!  What a Whopper!  But there’s no “beef” there.  Of course you can have a CMS web application with merely a few clicks, just by installing one of the (mostly free) extensions available.

And writing a custom extension, if necessary, is made easier with a CMS than writing from scratch.

CONCLUSION   Be careful who you listen to.  There are plenty of web developers out there who want to make big bucks off of you, rather than show you how to save time and money.

If you own a small business, you may be better off if you hire a competent and honest web developer.   Even using a good CMS, there is just so much to know, that can help or hurt your chances of success online, that only a good, full-time developer could possibly keep up with it all.

Before deciding you can”t afford a developer, you really should talk with a few to see if they can change your mind.  You’re can be hurting yourself more than saving money, by going the DIY route.

I hope you’ll call me to discuss how a cost-effective website can become a real profit-maker for your business.

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