Data Mining: Sales Leads!

Need a CRM filled with up to date data with all your prospects within your marketing area? Data Mining has finally gotten affordable for small business.

Data Mining the Internet can search out your best prospects, get emails, phone numbers and fax numbers with names addresses and load them into Suite (or Sugar) CRM or whatever your preferred Customer Relations Manager might be.

Rates start at just $250 per 1,000 leads. Why waste your sales people’s time in collecting leads when they can spend that time actually connecting with leads?

Don’t have a CRM? Chose one of our hosting plans and we’ll setup a cloud CRM for your business that you and your authorized employees can use from anywhere, 24/7, at no extra charge. Rather keep your current host? $250 and we’ll setup the same cloud CRM.

Data Mining and Customer Relation Managers are no longer just for big corporations. Our Data Mining solutions will keep your sales funnel full.

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25¢ per lead