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Website Goals

Finally, we get to the reason you want this website in the first place – you have goals, and you want your website to get results. But what goals? And will your web developer be able to achieve them?

For a non-profit, those goals may be in getting more subscribers and more donations. Most small business people I’ve spoken to in Palm Harbor, Clearwater and Tarpon Springs – and those across the country, are interested in new customers and increased sales with building customer loyalty and brand recognition a nice “bonus”.

Choosing a Web Developer

The right web developer will ask about your goals early on in the introductory consultation.  But if not, it shows a lack of interest in your organization’s goals and a lack of understanding of what a website should do for your business or organization. 

Your web developer can’t help you reach you goals if they aren’t even aware of them. But if they don’t bother to ask, then they probably wouldn’t know how to build a website that would be effective for you – pretty maybe, but effective? Not likely.

Research for Your Website

A good web developer will want to have a good understanding of your product or service and should be interested in these items –

  • Your target demographic
  • Your competitors
  • Your branding
  • Your market niche
  • Your current standing in the market
  • Current marketing
  • Marketing history
  • Your goals

In order to do proper SEO, your developer must know just who you need to attract to your website and WHO your website is “talking to” with its marketing message in order to properly shape that message.

Your web developer must understand your branding so that your website communicates with a message and theme that is consistent with your other touch-points.

Your branding and market niche defines you from your competitors, and models the way your customers will perceive your organization. A website that is not inline with that branding will muddle your message and not be nearly as effective as it could be.

Website Analysis

Your web developer should understand how to analyze historical marketing and web traffic reports and know how to make adjustments that will prevent your competitors from getting all your customers.

If your developer doesn’t show an interest in these areas, then how will they be able to help you build a website that gets the results you deserve?

 Let’s Talk!

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