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Posted by on Nov 30, 2016 in Blog

Changing Evolution Theme home page headings

I love Eloquent Themes, but like all these great theme companies – RocketTheme.com, Web-Dorado.com, etc. – you usually get a few bugs in each theme or plugin – no extra charge!

What I came across today was more of an oversight than a bug – various headings on the beautiful home page of the Evolution Theme, were hard-coded into the home.php file!

I could not find a solution on the Eloquent Themes website, so I rolled my sleeves up and first did a database search – did not find any of the heading terms there.

Next, I downloaded the entire site (zipped first!), and searched all files for the heading terms – Bingo!

I got hits on home.php and the language files.

So for you “Web Designers” who like to be called “Web Developers” 😉  here’s how to not look foolish to your clients…

Recent Work

/wp-content/themes/Evolution/home.php Line #18

More About Our Company

/wp-content/themes/Evolution/home.php Line #71

Recent Blog Posts

/wp-content/themes/Evolution/home.php Line #80

Just change the quoted heading text to your preference, save and upload.  Oh, but be sure and save a backup of the file first, just in case you accidentally “mis-edited”!

Save Time & Headaches

In the future, whenever you’re up against a frustrating problem with WordPress, databases or PHP, why not call me?  I can often fix smallish problems for $50, if it takes no more than an hour.  I’ve worked in many different teams of programmers, and I can truthfully say that my “hour” is often the equal of 2 or 3 hours of other programmers.

So, when you hit those little roadblocks, give me a call and let’s talk.  Chances are a quick $50 through PayPal makes your problems disappear!

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