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Posted by on Dec 15, 2017 in Blog, WordPress

Make slider image clickableClickable Image Slider

I am a big fan of Elegant Themes and their “Divi” and “Extra” themes.  But I’ve had one big complaint about Extra – the big slider images on the home page aren’t clickable.  You have to click the little “title text” on the lower right.

Well, this just isn’t intuitive for many users and you can lose visitors who assume your site isn’t working properly.

To tell the truth, I was lazy enough to just let this pass for awhile, until my daughter, Noelle, rightfully complained when we used Extra for her website, ““.

How to fix it?

Three choices:

1]  Hire me for just $79 and it’s done!  🙂

2] Be a relative!  🙂

3] Make a child theme with the following changes:

/* Change Extra theme to allow click on featured slider image href to article */ // in style.css - .featured-posts-slider-module .carousel-item.et_pb_slide { cursor: pointer } /* in module-featured-posts-slider.php -

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