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Palm Harbor Web DesignerPalm Harbor business owners – don’t settle for a “dead-head” website!  We build sales-machines! 

You should demand more than “online business card”.  If you want to make your cash register “sing”, we need to talk.

Yes, your website needs to look great and yes, it needs to be in the top of the search rankings for Palm Harbor businesses.  But that alone isn’t enough to bring you a single customer.

Let’s say, your business is in Palm Harbor and you have a great-looking web design and a website that ranks in the top ten among your competitors.  So far, your website hasn’t made you one penny!

It just means you’re getting”visitors” who may or may not take the time to read your content and may or may not be convinced to become customers.  It’s no different than a magazine ad – you need an ad copywriter – you need marketing, whether you’re in Palm Harbor, Clearwater or Los Angeles.

If your website is under-performing (and probably 98% are), we need to talk.

If your current web designer hasn’t taken the time to learn about your branding, your customer profile, your local Palm Harbor competition, then they haven’t taken the time to do proper marketing on your website and you’re losing money even while you read this!

Call Hank Castello at (727) 279-7686 or use our Contact Form and let’s talk about whipping your website into shape!