Palm Harbor Web Development

Tarpon Springs Web MarketingWe’re different.

Not just because we’re in Palm Harbor instead of Tampa.  And the difference isn’t how your new website will look.  Anybody can make a pretty website.  It isn’t even necessarily in the way your website will function.

The difference is that we understand that this business isn’t about us web designers and developers – it’s about YOU, the business owner.  It’s about your objectives; your goals; your success.  And most websites don’t do much to advance those goals.

Knowing that, the next question is – “How do we attain that success?”    Is the answer, “through a pretty website”?  Is it “by ranking high in search engines”?

Those are part of it, but only a minor part.  That’s right – I said that great website aesthetics and SEO are only PART of the key to your website success.

Just look at what these do:  They get people to see your website and create a good initial impression – two critical steps.  But on their own, they amount to ZERO ACTION.

And that’s exactly what most businesses get from their websites – Zero action!

The missing element is MARKETING!

A website built by web designers is like a car built by automotive designers – pretty, but not going anywhere! –  You gotta have those engineers! – Hank Castello

It’s no different with your website.  You need someone who has studied all aspects of marketing, both online and brick-and-mortar.  Someone who has had to live or die by marketing.

That’s how you put the “engine” in  your website!  Let’s get started right now.

If you’re in Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Oldsmar or Clearwater, I’ll be happy to come out to meet you and learn more about your business, your branding, your market and marketing goals.

If you’re outside that area, no problem.  We’ll still put our web marketing skills to work for you.  I just won’t get the chance to escape the office!   🙂

Let’s talk!