Palm Harbor Webs $999

Recently, we did a study on 100 random Palm Harbor small business websites.  Per our analysis, only four of those websites appeared to be capable of effectively driving business to their respective companies.

That means 96 out of 100 Palm Harbor small business owners have under-performing websites.  These websites are mostly nothing more than online business cards, not likely to be in the top search results and unlikely to drive any customers to the business even if they read the web pages.

Those Palm Harbor businesses with brick and mortar stores, wouldn’t think of having an out of fashion, shoddy appearance at their stores or shops, yet we found plenty of that in their websites.

Those same businesses wouldn’t think of running an ad on local television or in the Palm Harbor newspaper, that didn’t have compelling, motivating ad copy, yet their websites seemed dull and lacked calls to action or adequate motivation.

I’m picking on Palm Harbor, Florida because that’s where I’m located, but I’m pretty sure our analysis would hold up anywhere.  And it stands to reason – many websites are built by excellent web designers who know little about marketing.  Some are built by the business owners or employees, who know little about search engine optimization.

What’s the solution?  (You knew I had one, didn’t you?) <g>  Call me!  I have cutting edge knowledge of web development techniques, search engine optimization, website security, the latest design and user interface matters and I’ve owned several successful small businesses, so I can understand your issues.

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