Registration Challenge Field

Posted by on Dec 27, 2017 in Custom WordPress Plugins

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Stop SpamBots From Registering!

Annoyed by spammer registrants, but don’t want to hassle your users with Captchas and other things that can frustrate your users?

Ask about a custom WordPress plugin like our “Registration Challenge Field”.  This lets you add an extra field to your WordPress registration form, and gives you the options:

  1. Automatically discard registrant data that fills-in but fails your validation and sends users to the page of your choice, or..
  2. Adds failed registrants to “Pending” status and lets you view your custom registration field as a column in your WordPress User List table where you can either approve, deny or delete via Bulk Actions.

Our “Pro” version allows you to add multiple fields and offers enhanced support.

Contact us today and stop wasting time deleting spambot registrants!