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Domain Name Thieves
So you’re thinking, “Why would anyone want to hack my website?”.   Here’s just a few reasons:

1 – Fun & Fame:  Many amatuer hackers, including teens as young as 12 years old, just want the local notoriety.  Some have “clubs” where they try to one-up each other on local business websites they can hack.

2 – SEO:  A competitor, or hacker hired by your competitor can use your site to enhance the SEO of their website by adding back-links.  They could also insert affiliate links or links designed to hurt your site’s reputation and ranking.

3 – SPAM: If your website traffic has suddenly dropped, your site may have been hacked in order to send SPAM email, potentially getting your website blacklisted.  It can take great effort, over several months to undo this damage.

4 – THEFT:  Your website may hold tons of valuable information about you, your customers and/or your website’s visitors.  With all the stolen credentials available on the darkweb today, your website may hold that “one last key” needed to exploit.

5 – MALWARE:   Hackers prefer to put malware on others’ computers, to avoid identifying themselves.  Malware can include spying on a users, keylogging, spreading viruses, etc.

6 – ATTACKING OTHER WEBSITES: Denial of Service attacks can be launched from sites a hacker has taken over. Again, the hackers don’t want to risk being exposed by launching from their own websites, so they’ll target yours.

We could probably continue with another dozen reasons that hackers target websites like yours, but by now you get the idea.

So what can you do about it?

A. Keep your core WordPress, themes and plugins up to date.  You should check your Dashboard daily for updates.

B. Use the Wordfence security plugin

C. Stay current with WordPress security issues

D. Implement custom security hacks

How do you do all that?

If you use our Managed Hosting service (starting at just $19/mo) we’ll take care of everything for you, including free cleanup and restoration if you are ever hacked.

If you want to DIY everything, start by choosing good (not cheap) hosting.  Carefully go through all the reviews and feedback and choose wisely.

In articles coming soon, we’ll let you know how to stay informed on WordPress security issues and how to DIY your own security hacks!

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