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Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Don’t get flamboozled over SEO!   Time was when you could add a keyword metatag, some heading tags and sprinkle your keywords throughout your web page content and you were done.

Guess what?  Google grew up!  But many web marketers didn’t wake up.  Chances are, your web designer, whether from Clearwater, Palm Harbor or New York, makes beautiful web pages, but is no SEO expert.

Want proof?  What is your web developer’s monthly procedure to advance your search engine position and what A/B tests are they doing to test your marking effectiveness?  If your answer is – “Huh?”, then you really must read on…

You see, SEO is no longer a one-and-done deal and no longer a stand-alone strategy.

Hank Castello
Hank Castello
Without continual SEO work your bringing an old nag to a formula one car race!

You have competitors trying to nab the same customers you need to survive.  Step #1 is getting those customers to become aware of your  business – to see your website.  That’s the job of SEO.

But without continual SEO work, tweaking and search engine analysis, your bringing an old nag to a formula one car race!

You need comprehensive and continual SEO services that will:

  • Drive traffic to your website organically
  • Increase your visibility and get you more website visitors
  • Increase your on-site conversions
  • Continually improve your search ranking with regular analysis and adjustments
Search engine ranking is like being on an escalator that moves the wrong way. If you stand still, you lose!

You see, search engine ranking is like being on an escalator that moves the wrong way.  If you stand still, you lose, then all those customers go to your competitors – probably where many of them are going now.

Put our knowledge of SEO, marketing, and our advanced tools and specialized resources to work for your business – let’s not let those customers go to the competition!

SEO Products and Services

We’ll work closely with you to assess your specific needs and design a custom SEO plan – page by page.

Here is what you get when you hire us:

  • Keyword Research & Analysis: Ongoing keyword analysis by your account manager evaluates keyword trends, identifies ranking opportunities and establishes short-term and long-term SEO objectives.
  • On-Page Optimization: Ongoing On-Page optimization assesses your website and makes adjustments to ensure SEO best practices are met.
  • Off-Page Link Building: Link building is used to build authority and trustworthiness for your website. We’ll help you build links to your website.
  • Penalty Assessment & Recovery:  Have your rankings dropped? Is your traffic down? It could be the result of a search engine penalty due to improper SEO or even hacking.  We can assess your website using proprietary technology to identify any penalties and develop a recovery strategy.
  • Technical SEO:  We will assess and optimize your site architecture, URLs, and mobile search efforts, eliminate duplicate content, ensure proper canonicalization and more.
  • Content Development and Optimization:  You’ve heard “Content is king!”.  Good content carefully stirred with just the right SEO and marketing “seasonings” is your recipe for a successful website.  We offer custom content re-writing and compelling copywriting.

Why Choose CompuSolver For SEO?

In Clearwater, Palm Harbor or even Tampa – expertise in all your critical website services –

  • SEO Setup: Initial search engine optimization with new website or overhaul.
  • Monthly SEO services:  Don’t let that backwards escalator sink your website.  Our monthly services keep you moving upward.
  • Marketing:  A former ad copywriter, I know how to weave words that motivate, and how to knit that marketing together with SEO for the right mix that not only gets seen, but motivates web visitors to become your customers.
  • Content: We can write, or help you write the kind of valuable content that your customers are looking for.
  • Analysis & Reporting: We’ll monitor your website and quickly respond if issues arise.
  • Web Security:  DDOS protection, extra security for admin pages and dozens of  lines of extra security code for WordPress or Joomla websites!  We can also sanitize and restore breached websites.
  • Databases:  Data restoration, database conversions, any type of data or database work you need – we can do it!
  • Custom Development:  Custom applications, custom plugins, custom themes – you name it, we can do it, quickly and cheaply.

But maybe the biggest reason of all is that we understand you don’t really want a website – you want business success and a website is a means to that end.

You have many Clearwater, Tampa and Palm Harbor web developers to choose from, if all you want is an “online business card”.  But if you expect results from your website – then give me a call –  Hank Castello (727) 279-7686 or use our Contact Form.   Thanks!  I look forward to helping grow your business.