SSL, SEO & Fake News

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017 in Blog, SEO

I’ve read three articles in as many weeks, all claiming that SSL will not help your search ranking, even though Google has been telling us the opposite for the past two years.

The latest attempt at misinformation was an article on – which used to be a good resource for web developers.  The headline, “Don’t Buy Into the SEO Hype Around HTTPS & SSL” would seem to say that SSL won’t help you with Google, etc.

That’s the message 100% of readers will get at first glance.  But the 10% who bother to read the entire article will learn that the author is poo-pooing SSL not because Google isn’t keeping their word that SEO will improve SEO ranking, but because many people don’t know how to properly install and utilize SSL!

Now, that’s a whole different kettle of crawfish!  (Sorry for the cajun metaphor, my family was from Louisiana!)

One of the biggest problems with SSL is that web developers aren’t trained in security matters and many don’t understand that you can’t have “mixed content” (i.e.: images, etc. that come from outside the domain) without breaking the SSL.

Another problem is that many web designers/developers use cheap hosting like GoDaddy, HostGator & A2Hosting, etc., which don’t currently offer free SSL.  They can charge rates from $80 to several hundred dollars a year.  Naturally, that would eat into the dollars that customers have in their pockets to spend on websites, and those designers/developers want every penny they can get.

At CompuSolver, we give every customer SSL at no extra charge.  And even though we expertly optimize every website for SEO, we impress upon customers that a website won’t do much good without great copywriting and continually marketing efforts which we offer at substantially lower rates than any other service that operates at our level of expertise.

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