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How Do St Pete Web Designers Do Their Own SEO & Marketing?

As a web designer / web developer who has clients from all over the USA, I recently decided it would be fun to have more local clients – hence the interest in SEO work on Saint Petersburg web design.

So, I began with the #1 listing for “St Pete web designers”, a simple WordPress website, and took a good look at their SEO and marketing work, and I’m going to explain here – how they got their own ranking and how they seem to work differently for clients.  But first, let me say that I wouldn’t normally “pick on” another web developer, but these guys are #1, so I think they’re “fair game”…

St Pete Web Designer Has Appalling SEO, But It Works!

How could that be?  In-bound links.  It’s that simple.  Links, and plenty of them.  At least some of them are paid links!

What about the appalling SEO?   Let’s just take the home page –

  • Keyword not in title tag
  • Keyword not in heading tags,
  • Keyword barely in content (twice!)
  • No ALT tags.
  • SSL broken by mixed content (which indicates a lack of technical know-how)

So, it would seem that anyone who does the right SEO stuff AND goes after links – preferably organic links, should be able to beat them, given enough time to claw their way up the search engine rankings (we’ll see!)

How Do They SEO For St Pete (& Other) Clients?

When I read,

Amelia Surf & Racquet Club are also working with Big Sea on an ongoing basis to help monitor and build their search engine and social media presence.

I decided to check out the Amelia Surf & Racquet Club website to see how great a job they did for this client.  I was disappointed, and the client should be also.

They’re located just outside of Jacksonville, and the first applicable heading (though not in a heading tag!) was “Oceanfront Resort Rentals”.   I Googled “jacksonville Oceanfront Resort Rentals” and they weren’t even in the top 100 results – but plenty of their competitors were!

What About Marketing Skills?

st pete web marketing

We can see from this, that these St Pete web designers understand the importance of having a compelling meta description tag, so let’s see how well they did for their client –

poor example of web marketing

The client’s home page did not have a meta description tag, leaving Google to grab a random section of text for the excerpt.  Obviously this is not likely to motivate vacationers to click.

Choosing Your St Pete Web Designer

Just because a web designer’s website ranks well and has compelling marketing, doesn’t mean they’ll do the same for you.

It is quite common for web developers to do rush jobs for clients, take the money and go look for the next client, so there are a lot of under-performing websites out there.  And if a client never had a website that did a great job of bringing in new business, they have nothing to gauge it against and aren’t aware of what they’re losing.

It’s not an easy choice.  But I hope you’ll talk to me before deciding.  And talk to my current clients.  It think you’ll see the experience and the knowledge.  But more importantly, you’ll see that I care about my clients and their success.

When your website is done, my job is just beginning.   My goal is to get you found in the search engines and to motivate visitors to become your customers, beating out your competitors in the process.

Let’s talk!  Call me, Hank Castello – (727) 279-7686, or use the Contact Form.

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