“Stay Away From That (your) Website!” – Google

Posted by on Mar 15, 2018 in Blog, Small Business

Google blocking your website even with SSL

Wrong SSL On Your Site?

Google will warn people away from your website even if it has SSL! – if your SSL was provided by Symantec, Thawte, VeriSign, Equifax, GeoTrust or RapidSSL.

Of course, if your website doesn’t have SSL at all, your visitors will also be warned away.

If you weren’t aware of this situation, or if your web developer is trying to make you pay for your SSL, then you may need to change web developers!

You can learn more about this SSL certificate situation on the WordFence website, and I can highly recommend their security plugin for WordPress websites.

What is SSL?  Actually, SSL is outdated and should never be used on a live website!  But people still use the term “SSL” (which stood for Secure Sockets Layer” for the protocol that should be used today, which is “TLS” (Transport Layer Security).

While we’re discussing terms, “HTTPS” is generally thought of as “HTTP” with an “S” to represent “SSL” (or from now on, “TLS”).

To touch on the functional difference between SSL and TLS

SSL (secure socket layer) often refers to the old protocol variant which starts with the handshake right away and therefore requires another port for the encrypted protocol such as 443 instead of 80. TLS (transport layer security) often refers to the new variant which allows to start with an unencrypted traditional protocol and then issuing a command (usually STARTTLS) to initialize the handshake – Hendrik Brummermann (on StackExchange.com)

So, it’s OK to keep calling it “SSL”, just like some people might ask for a “Xerox” of a document, just know that you’d better be talking about the modern version “TLS” and that it better be issued with a valid certificate by a reputable issuer.

If your head is spinning and you don’t have time to deal with these issues because you’re running a business – then why not let a knowledgeable web developer like, ..ahem..ME, take care of these important issues for you?

Imagine what could happen to your business if your potential customers are suddenly warned away from your website because “Attackers might be trying to steal your information..” – and imagine how long this could be happening before you realize it, if it’s only happening on certain browsers, etc.

Be sure your web developer is fully versed not just in web design, but in matters related to web security, UI, web security and marketing.

Free SSL Check

Send me your email address and website url and I’ll do a free check of your current SSL.  If you don’t yet have up to date SSL/TLS security for your website, ask about having us install your SSL for FREE!