Web Bites

Web UI’s That Bite!

 Invisible “Bugs” that bite!  Is your website running people off like this Yamaha Music sales site..?

User Interface problems lose sales!

Last night I tried to purchase a file for musical accompaniment for a Yamaha keyboard.  The website had one of those infuriating demands that you create an account before you could make a purchase.

While I can understand the desire to collect marketing data and build a subscriber list, demanding registration before allowing a sale, rather than just encouraging registration, is probably not good practice.

But I wanted the #@$!%  file so I filled out the form that had a lot of needless questions and an illegible CAPTCHA image, and clicked “Submit”.  Sure enough, I hadn’t guessed the CAPTCHA correctly and had to try again, BUT… it also lost most of the data I had just entered.

Now, I was being expected to re-enter (twice!) my 15-character password, username and other redundant data.

I decided I didn’t need the file that badly and closed the browser window.

YamahaMusicSoft.com had just lost another customer.  And they can thank their web developer for it, (and their own failure to test and review properly).

But, of course they may never figure it out.  They may just be thinking that websites don’t bring in much business!

How about YOUR website?  Is IT bringing in as much business as it could?  

Let me analyze your website and propose fixes or changes if any are needed.