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*  Online store product imports are based on client having standard file format (csv) and compatible field data.  Data conversion is $35/hr for hosting clients, $60/hr for others.

(Note: Some prices shown are limited offer, 50% off regular prices and will change without notice.)

The difference between a CompuSolver website and the others is RESULTS!  What good is a website that doesn’t bring you a constant flow of new business?

Money tight? Take advantage of our $99 custom website plan. Includes managed hosting where we take care of all your updates and security, plus monthly marketing! You have full control over your website articles and images. For even more marketing, add one of our marketing plans to supercharge your business growth!

All website prices (see plans) include expert SEO and free security and plugin updates. Most plans include marketing work on your content, image editing & enhancement, and consulting to ensure maximum effectiveness of your website.  We’re not here to sell you a website, we’re here to help grow your business!

We’re right here in Palm Harbor, serving the Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, St Petersburg / Clearwater area.  Shucks, we’ll even do business with you city-slickers in Tampa!  🙂

You might think that a higher priced website, say $3,000 is likely to be more effective than one costing much less.  But if you measure effectiveness in number of new customers and increase in sales, then you’ll want to check out our website plans.

You see, 20 years web development experience and 30 years of marketing experience, not only let me create websites that become sales machines, but the tools I’ve developed over the years, help me make a great website in no more than a week where many web design firms will take two or three months!

Let’s talk about our monthly web marketing services and how we can turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine!

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