Website Security

website security clearwaterYou could actually lose your business if you overlook website security! But very few Clearwater web designers know how to build a secure website.

Yes, hackers are after your website!  Even if you don’t accept payments; even if you don’t have important data. You still have something hackers want – your visitors, or maybe just a challenge and bragging rights.

More than half of all Clearwater websites can be easily hacked in under an hour by tools that local – Palm Harbor, Clearwater, etc., can easily download for free.   These hacked sites can then spread malware onto visitors’ computers, causing your site to be dropped from search engines and possibly making you liable.

When Google bots discover the issue, you’ll be dropped to the very bottom of search engines and it will be very difficult and take months to recover.  I’ve seen good businesses go bust over this problem (I wish they had come to me first). You could even be held liable for damages to your visitors!

I’ve made it a point to study web security and to stay up with current developments.  I’ve written several web security patches for WordPress and Joomla websites before official patches even became available.
WordPress Security for Clearwater and Palm Harbor
Here’s a quick test to see if your current web designer even has a clue about web security – ask her if she’s ever heard of “Little Bobby Tables“.   Everyone who’s spent more than an hour studying website security, knows about this famous comic concerning SQL injection attacks.  If your web developer says, “Huh?” – then your website is probably very vulnerable to attack.

If you have a WordPress website, here’s another test – try browsing to (change “” to your own url, of course). If that shows your admin username, you now have proof that your web designer left your website vulnerable.

If your website isn’t WordPress, it’s probably even easier to hack! If you like, we can run a penetration test for as little as fifty dollars, to show your website’s vulnerabilities.

Let’s get your website buttoned up and safe from hackers. Give me a call at (727) 279-7686 or use our contact form.